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If you’re reading this, you’ve either already used makeronly.com or at least have some interest in the website Makeronly.com. Usually buyers have one sole purpose and that’s to find a good supplier, who they can trust and hopefully build a relationship with. But how do you ensure the quality of the supplier’s factory or if their products can satisfy you without visiting the factory by yourself? Perhaps you already know, Makeronly.com have 3B Positioning, BREAK, (Break intermediate link) BIG (large-scale), BRAND(Branding). But do you know how it works and inspects suppler factories ?

How it works:

1. Makeronly.com make checks at all levels, beginning with factory qualification. Makeronly needs to make sure the supplier is a factory. Trading companies or middlemen are out of the question. How to judge it? Makeronly.com will go straightly to the factory to inspect and take photos for record. Of course, it also needs the factory to provide certificates, trademarks and patent drawings, business licenses, and so on, aiming to make sure that the factory is large-scale. The enterprises on Makeronly are factories with certain scale, guaranteeing products quality and excellent enterprise credit. Makeronly is responsible for checking the date of the establishment of the factories The factories must set up more than three years, with turnover of more than 5 million and the workshop of over 6000 square area .

2.Please note that CCPIT (China Council of the Promotion of International Trade) will give Commercial Certificate of Export Brand to reliable factories on Makeronly.com through strict site inspection. All factories with the credit rating certificate can be identified as the manufacturers with excellent product quality and good credit. Commercial Certificate of Export Brand will help you distinguish the good factories from the bad. Through credit rating, buyers can choose factories they trust.

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