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Platform Questionnaire

  • 1.Your region or country?(optional)

  • 2.Which equipment will you choose for online shopping?

    3.What kind of products do you buy on the e-commerce platform?

    4.How often do you buy online in a month?

    5.What are the factors that affect your decision of purchase?

    6.Which factors do you prefer in logistics service?

    7.What are the reasons for choosing online shopping?

    8.What are the problems that you have met in online shopping?

    9.If you find that sellers have dishonest behaviors after shopping,what would you do ?

    10.What do you think the e-commerce platform needs to be improved?

  • 11.Name:(optional)

  • 12.E-mail:(optional)

  • 13.Mobile:(optional)

  • 14.Add:(optional)

  • Machinery,Building Material Machinery
    Machinery,Food Beverage Machinery,Grain Processing Machine
    Machinery,Food Beverage Machinery
    Machinery,Food Beverage Machinery,Food Processing Machinery Parts
    Machinery,Food Beverage Machinery,Beverage Processing Equipment