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Function of Makeronly.com

1.Product display:

Factory release of factory and product information, the plant of factory , supply capacity, research and development level, production equipment, detailing the product specifications, product style, color and other products detailed information.

2.Online release and view inquiry (RFQ):

Real-time post the latest buyer RFQ needs, provide timely quotes, management and tracking the status of the offer.

3. Inquiry management:

Real-time reception and reply to the international station overseas buyers to send inquiries business opportunities.

4. Online global exhibition:

Real-time view of the global exhibition information, to understand the industry exhibition details, online registration exhibitors.

5. Market trends and foreign trade data:

Rapid response to industry data and foreign trade-related information to help you keep the industry at all times sensitive, to control foreign trade opportunities.

6.SNS free self-promotion and sharing function:

provide self-promotion tools, post your new hot goods to Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and other SNS channels, open the first step in self-marketing.

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