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Complete an order

Step 1. Start an order.

If you confirm to buy some products, please inform the seller to draft a contract. The seller will send the contract to your Buyer Center. If you agree with the contract, pleas click “ Agree”, if not, please click “ Refuse” and enter the reason.

Step 2. Order updating

The seller will update the order status through the progress bar, and you can follow the progress in your own Buyer Center.

Step 3. Complete the order

After receiving the products, please click “Confirm receipt” button, but progress bar won't get to“finished” until you give assessment.

Machinery,Plastics Accessory
Machinery,Engineering Construction Machinery,Other Construction Machinery
Machinery,Machine Tool Equipment,Punching Machine
Machinery,Engineering Construction Machinery,Cranes
Machinery,Machinery Tools,Hydraulic Tools