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2018 Singapore International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition

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Wed Sep 05 00:00:00 CST 2018
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Building Material
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Exhibition introduction
Holding cycle:
Once a year
Exhibition hall:
Exhibition scale:
Less than 10,000
Exhibition organizer:
Reed Exhibitions UK
Exhibition scope
1. Construction machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, construction site protection products, construction site facilities, etc.; 2. Building materials: ceramics, natural stone, man-made stone, decoration materials, building chemicals additives, paints, paints, floors and carpets, wallpaper and wallboard inlays, door and window materials, sheds and roof materials, hollow glass, etc.; 3, architectural hardware: water nozzle, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, doors and windows hardware accessories, standard parts, barbed wire, etc.; 4. Building products and structures: roofs, engineering pipe networks, fire safety systems, stoves and fireplaces, building technologies, etc.; 5, heating facilities, air conditioning and ventilation systems: heating technology, leisure sports equipment, electrical facilities, lighting systems, refrigeration systems, bathroom facilities, etc.; 6, electromechanical / building systems and services: building management systems electrical and lighting fire protection materials; 7, special exhibition: new building materials, green building materials.

Exhibition intro

Southeast Asia's premier "green building" exhibition Singapore Construction and Building Materials Exhibition BEXASIA is a construction project for the Southeast Asian market. For environmental protection and sustainable development, it exhibits the latest building materials, design and construction solutions and brings together well-known construction industry practitioners, experts and major buyers. Strong professionalism: BEXAsia is an exhibition for Southeast Asian market construction projects. With the aim of environmental protection and sustainable development, it exhibits the latest building materials, construction and related projects. The exhibition attracts industry professionals, experts and major buyers from the construction industry. Participate in the exhibition to have the opportunity to learn more about industry consultation, establish a network of relationships, and tap more business opportunities brought by the emerging economies of Southeast Asia. Strong attraction: The exhibition researched advanced cases from Singapore and around the world, improved the attractiveness of high-quality buyers, provided an exciting cooperation network, and carried out a comprehensive marketing plan to enable exhibitors to gain more attention. Marketing experience. High innovation: Participate in the exhibition to have the opportunity to learn more about the most advanced technology and products in the industry, establish a network of relationships, and explore more business opportunities brought by the emerging economies in Southeast Asia. BEXASIA will provide an ideal platform for Chinese construction and interior decoration companies to enter the construction market in Southeast Asia. Market analysis The Singapore economy is driven by foreign trade. It focuses on electronics, petrochemicals, finance, shipping, and service industries. It is highly dependent on the markets of the United States, Japan, Europe, and neighboring countries, and its total foreign trade volume is four times that of its GDP. Singapore’s economy has experienced rapid growth over a long period of time. From 1960 to 1984, the GDP grew at an average annual rate of 9%. The economy is dominated by five major sectors: commerce, manufacturing, construction, finance, transportation and communications. According to statistics from Singapore International Business Development Bureau, due to the active construction industry, Singapore is in urgent need of a large amount of construction materials, especially cement, sand, granite, construction steel and bricks. Many suppliers have not been able to cope with this wave of buying. The country’s mining and production capacity is also saturated. The construction industry in other ASEAN countries is also booming and the demand is high. In order to further develop the economy, in recent years, the "regional economic strategy" has been vigorously promoted, and overseas investment has been accelerated, and economic activities abroad have been actively carried out. China-Singapore economic and trade cooperation has achieved remarkable results. Singapore is China’s tenth largest trading partner and China is Singapore’s third largest trading partner. Singapore is China’s second largest trading partner and the third largest export market in ASEAN. Singapore has become China’s sixth largest foreign direct investment destination.

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